low power and brake issue

Wendell Crain wendell_crain at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 06:29:39 PDT 2008

Well it definitely seemed like putting the spacer on the needle helps in throttle response. I will find out for sure at the track tomorrow. As far as the brakes, they are brand new pads. Not sure of an "official" way to bed the pads. I was using the brakes as much as possible in the test rides up and down my road. Nothing dramatic just gentle squeezes. Between all the test rides, it was maybe 45-60 minutes of time. The lever feels solid mid-way through the pull. I am just used to my other SV, in that it is solid after 1/10th of pull on the lever. They will do for now, but I do want them to be more similar to the other bike.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I appreciate it.Wendell

> My money is on jetting, probably too lean on the needle. Try adding > another spacer, better yet toss it for a BMC race filter & kit. It > just works.> > Brakes - did you bed the pads in? Does the lever feel solid when you > finally get some bite? If the answer to #1 is no, ride it around a > while and do a lot of (easy) stops. The pads should align, rub down > the high spots and start working. If the answer to #2 is no, you > almost certainly have air in the lines and some fun trying to get it > out. Best is to pull the right clipon off so you can tilt it uphill > and let any bubbles rise to the mc, not just the line/mc junction.> > If all that works put the bike on stands, loosen the caliper bolts, > spin the wheel a few times tapping the brakes then clamp down. Tighten > the caliper bolts. This seems to align the calipers to the rotors, > reduces drag and gives much better feel.> > FWIW I think the stock brakes are great, but then I started on a '74 > CB550. Just TRY stopping on one of those early disk brakes!!!> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
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