Cold Tear or tire just worn out?

Randy Grein randygrein at
Tue Oct 7 23:12:28 PDT 2008

It gets a hell of a lot colder up here in Seattle Andy, and I've had  
no trouble with the fronts (except the odd cold tear) down below  
freezing. I've been running pressure just a couple pounds lower than  
you do, but I haven't run the new gen tires through yet. There's still  
a possibility that they could perform better at lower pressures, and  
even last longer. I'm doing just commuting on the freeway so the  
center wears only - and I got to thinking the wear is a pretty narrow  
band. Lower pressure might spread it out more and make it last longer  
- maybe not, but tires are well past the point that all the graphs go  
in one direction only. We could easily get better milage with lower  
pressure, only way to know for sure is to test.

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Oct 7, 2008, at 10:50 PM, Andy Preston wrote:

> Ahmed Jehanzeb wrote:
>> I got the tire as a used take off which did not have too many miles  
>> on it
>> but might have
>> Had one too many heat cycles
> I've run a decent amount of take-offs on the street. Personally, I  
> think most of the pressures quoted are too low for the street, I  
> always run 38lb in the back tire and 33 front on the street, even on  
> take offs. Your tire life is going to go up with the higher  
> pressures. Never had any grip issues in the rear. I try to only run  
> the fronts though for the warmer 6 months here in nor-cal, maybe  
> this is where a lower pressure might help, but in the mornings,  
> 50deg and below, the rubber just feels hard and the grip doesn't  
> seem to be there. I guess thats the heat cycles at work.
> Andy

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