Cam Timing Problems

KC Gager kc at
Sat Oct 11 20:28:51 PDT 2008

Who ever set up the cam either just put then in and did not check them or
check them and did not have a clue what to do with the numbers. Those number
work in something like oil cooled 1100 or fj1200. They will not work very
well in a sv. The cam looks a bit long on the duration 
Whets your mechanical comp did anyone try to port the heads. Do you know the
Deck heights.

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New day, new numbers. The intake opens at 12 and closes at 50 and the
exhaust opens at 30 and closes at 11. Works out to 109/99.5 so I guess
someone was looking for peak horsepower at the expense of some midrange
and bottom end. Thanks again for the help guys.


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