ratio of shock linkage and extensions?

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 11 20:34:56 PDT 2008

do any of you fine gents know what the ratio is between 1mm longer rear shock and observed rise in ride height?

I ran into a snag when putting my SV+gsxr forks into sleeved down GSXR750 triples. By my calculation since the modified forks are 20mm longer than what I believe to be stock (by virtue of cartridge vs damper rod length and top-out spring mods) and I'm running a 70 profile front tire that means I should have 20+12=37 mm sticking up thru the triples to bring it back to baseline. Well, I can only let 10mm thru if I'm going to preserve the desired 120mm of stroke before the fork lowers crash into the bottom of the triple trees.

so now I need to raise rear ride hight by the missing 37-10=27mm. right?
Or am I failing basic motorcycle engineering?


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