Cam Timing Problems

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Sat Oct 11 22:35:30 PDT 2008

Evening KC,

I agree that the numbers are off from what I would have expected and as I
am new to this there may be some error on my part, but I think I finally got
it right (will double check). Whoever did it took the time to mark the cams
and weld them into place so right or wrong some effort was made. I guess
the most important piece of info is that I have the cams but not the motor 
were originally installed in. I simply put them in a stock motor and 
where they were at. The cam timing worked out to 242 on the intakes and 221
@ 40thou on the exhausts which is actually slightly shorter in duration than 
published spec for these cams from Megacycle (245 and 233 @ 40thou)


> Who ever set up the cam either just put then in and did not check them or
> check them and did not have a clue what to do with the numbers. Those 
> number
> work in something like oil cooled 1100 or fj1200. They will not work very
> well in a sv. The cam looks a bit long on the duration
> Whets your mechanical comp did anyone try to port the heads. Do you know 
> the
> Deck heights.

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