Cam Timing Problems

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Wed Oct 15 09:17:08 PDT 2008

Morning KC,

Yes, they are adjustable cam gears. I'm not sure what you mean in
regards to what is welded. By "hub" do you mean the part that is
pressed onto the cam and then the sprocket is bolted to? If that is
what you are talking about, then the hub is welded to the end of the
cam. The sprocket is just bolted to the hub (hopefully red loctite was
used on the bolts!)

As you can no doubt tell, this is all very new to me and while I am 
to say how many times I check my numbers, it is significantly more than 3!


> Hi Steve
> As long as your numbers are repeatable your numbers are most likely pretty
> good. Always triple check your numbers. I want to make sure I understand 
> you
> the timing gears are welded, not the hubs? Are these adjustable cam gears?
> What numbers are you thinking of using. If you don't mind posting the
> opening and closing numbers. I'll be happy to kibitz. For what it worth.
> KC Gager

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