Adjustable rearsets for Gen 1?

Erik Weber yoober at
Thu Oct 16 08:50:36 PDT 2008

Yeah, that triangular bracket is not very strong, but that's probably
a good thing if you use the adapter approach. Usually if anything
breaks, it is that bracket. Also the footrests (pegs, whatever) tend
to grind down, but since they still fold they don't snap off.

I have heard that using this approach, instead of true rearsets with
solid footrests that are meant to snap off, can put you in danger of
messing up the frame in a crash . . . but my bike (at least in my
opinion) tends to crash really well. Usually it's the footrest
bracket, a footrest, possibly a lever (hand or foot) and maybe a
clip-on. The rear master cylinder is a bit susceptible too. But if you
have the clip-ons at the right torque they should just rotate instead
of break. I also use shorty levers and they seem to be less likely to
break in a crash. But these are all spares to have -- I have learned
this the hard way.

One more little thing to note is that using the adapter approach will
make the rider's stance a tad wider (1/2-inch total), as it's now
bracket-to-adapter-to-frame instead of bracket-to-frame.

As long as she isn't high-siding, falling over isn't the worst thing
when you are learning. :) As long as it's on the track of course. I
still remember what a relief it was to have my first crash behind me.
Just don't believe them when they tell you you can't high-side an SV.


On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Greg McCullough <greg at> wrote:
> Which gsxr years are a match?  Was the SRAD 96-00?  That's probably the way
> I need to search.  Gilles doesn't seem to list products that fit SVs.
> The bracket might be the best option, actually, since that's cheaper for
> spares... assuming it's generally what breaks in a crash.  Optimally... I
> just need to get the girl to stop crashing.  Hahaha.
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> earlier GSXR sets fit SVs
> On Oct 15, 2008, at 11:30 PM, Greg McCullough wrote:
>> I'm searching for some adjustable rearsets for a gen 1.  Any
>> suggestions?
>> Looks like vortex adjustable ones are only for Gen 2, woodcraft are
>> non-adjustable, and OSF hasn't been responding (out of business?)
>> Thanks
>> Greg

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