Breaking-up/sputtering under load

Wayne Beaver wayne at
Thu Sep 4 12:27:11 PDT 2008

No speckles so I guess it sounds like my jetting is on, and maybe motor is OK, 

...still tearing things apart - slowly...

> From: Ernest Montague <afm199 at>
> Subject: Re: Breaking-up/sputtering under load
> On the track they should be white almost white.  On the street a bit
> more gray/tan.  If there are little shiny speckles on the plug start
> worrying. The plug charts that are on the internet are for old cars,
> all modern cars/bikes run ultra lean.

> On Sep 4, 2008, at 9:55 AM, Wayne Beaver wrote:
> ...after most recent test ride, the
> electrodes on both (brand new...) plugs are quite white...does this
> indicate a lean condition?

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