petcock, G1 fuel 'pump', and 750 fork angle

matthew patton pattonme at
Thu Sep 4 13:39:49 PDT 2008

Does anyone know which Pingel or other aftermarket one will work on a G1 tank?

I have one malfunctioning fuel 'pump' (it stays open even with no vacuum) and I'm rather tired of the silly hose routing and vacuum pickups. assuming my tank isn't almost empty I can't think of a reason why gravity feed won't work. what am I missing?

I am putting gsxr750 K1-3 forks on the front of a G1 for a racebike setup. this steepens rake and drops the front a bit. My racing partner is all up in arms about how unstable it will be. Is it really that twitchy?

I have a G2 length Penske, I figure using that will drop the rear to even things out. no? Has anyone compared G1 and G2 shock rockers (the 3-hole L-looking piece that's part of the linkage) and whether or not I should just mount up the G2 rocker and tie rods with a G2 shock and things will be back to ~stock G1 height?

I've wondered about canting 41mm forks (mounted in 50/54mm 750 triples) at up to 2deg more/less steep than the stock GSXR750 triples. anyone have some thoughts? I need to measure relative offsets and hole-spacing of G1 stock vs GSXR750 too. somebody already do this I think?


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