petcock, G1 fuel 'pump', and 750 fork

matthew patton pattonme at
Fri Sep 5 12:35:21 PDT 2008

> vent hole on petcock is clogged,take it apart and clean.

right except I'm not interested in continuing to use Suzuki's fiddly/retarded tank pickup. I want positive fuel shutoff. I also want to by-pass the "pump". can anyone comment on the supposed 'need' for these parts if I don't care if it works when the fuel level is low?

> suspension change. Oh, and you'll want to send the
> shock to Z so he  
> can fit it for a gen 1; the two are rather different.

yes I know the G2 runs a WAY softer spring and is shorter. My guess was that if I used the G2 L-thingy and the G2 tie rods, everything would "just work". We'll see I guess. I have a SV-modded SRAD GSXR shock I can run or pull my G1 Penske from my street ride.

> the same thing with my gen 1, and wound up leaving my
> (correct gen 1  
> length) shock at the same settings when I went to GSXR
> forks. Shorter and it steered like a truck.

Randy, I don't understand the above. if you left your G1 shock alone and just put on GSXR forks, shouldn't it steer quicker than stock since you've basically dropped the front something like 1/2" or more?

Also with the K-series forks (600 or 750) I don't see why I'd need to make any changes to suspension bits except stiffer springs since the stock ones are way too soft for even street duty.


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