Trasmission Experts?

Erik Weber yoober at
Fri Sep 5 15:41:41 PDT 2008

My bike would not go into sixth. What KC said was the problem. My
shift linkage was far from 90 degrees as I had rotated the shift lever
on the spline to get it way up high cause of my "cement" boots. :)

On 9/5/08, KC Gager <kc at> wrote:
> Steve sound like the timing between the lever and the shifter is off. Set
> them so there both 90Deg from each other.  I________I
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> Subject: Trasmission Experts?
> Looking for some transmission advice. 2 race weekends ago I started having
> some
> difficulty getting into 5th. I tried putting some extra preload onto the
> shifter, tried
> not preloading at all and finally tired using the clutch. Nothing seemed to
> help and
> I only managed to get into 5th just over half of the time. The next race
> weekend it
> was even worse so rather than have a big mess I just went down a couple of
> teeth
> on the rear sprocket and lugged it around. (good thing our track is so
> short)
> I guess I will have to rip the whole motor apart to get to the trani but
> what would be the
> most likely problem? Should I be looking for trouble on the gears themselves
> or at the
> shift drum and forks? Or somewhere else??? Is there something I can check by
> just going
> in through the clutch side or do I really have to split the cases?
> thanks,
> Steve

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