Trasmission Experts?

zoran zv30 at
Tue Sep 9 21:36:48 PDT 2008

maybe he has wrong size boot :)

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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> Hmmm
> I'd guess a fork is severely scuffed or a dog engagement ring or slot 
> or whatever it is called is scuffed too.  No load, no pressure on the 
> scuff it slides ok, load means pressure on the scuffs.  Just my 
> thoughts. Zoran probably is better with this.
> On Sep 9, 2008, at 7:45 PM, Steve Robertson wrote:
>> Well I kinda did what you suggested. I put the bike on the rear stand
>> and shifted it through the gears (with all the linkage and shifter 
>> attached).
>> Had no problems going all the way from 1st to 6th. Any reason(s) this 
>> would
>> work while it wouldn't when under load???
>> Steve
>>> First I would put the bike on a stand, remove the linkage to the 
>>> knuckle and try shifting it by hand and see what happens.  All that 
>>> given you probably are missing a dog or the fork is worn/bent.  And 
>>> yes that means splitting the cases.

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