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I've been using a RC51, SP2 master for the past 5 years without an issue.  I upgraded from the stocker.  At the time, I wanted more power and the radial masters were WAY out of touch for me, price wise.  I found that the RC51 convential master was one of the best on the market at that time in a production bike.
The SP2 (2002 and beyond) master gives you a lighter master over the SP1 as well as reworked internals for a better feel.  I ran the master with Speigler SS lines, Carbon Lorraine SBK3 pads, stock rotors and Valvoline Synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid.  It was a REALLY good set up on the track.  I got no fade at all.  And when I wanted to ride the bike on the street is was really good as well.  The pads loved heat in them to work really really well.  I did a bunch of track days on that set-up and had no issues running a quick pace on Pilot Power tires.
I just recently added a set of Galfer Wave rotors, Carbon Lorraine SBK5 pads, along with running Motul RBF600 fluid.  I just did a day at Mid-Ohio and must say that this is the ticket.  I've ridden bikes with better brakes...but these give me some serious feel and modulation.  Add a set of Pilot Power 2CTs and it was a great day.  I never experienced fade or heat related issues.  I am not sure of my lap times, but I was running really quick pace out there.  By no means track record pace, but I was the quickest in the Intermediate group.
Coming down Mid-Ohio's long back straight I would hit the rev limiter in 5th a few hundred yards before the braking markers.  So  shift to sixth and then I'd haul her down at the 400 foot marker.  This would get me stopped way too soon and I coasted into the corner.  I finally ended up braking hard at the 200 foot marker with slight trail braking and still making the corner with plenty of margin for error.  My SV is running a set of 41mm Keihen FCRs, 03 Cam swap, full M4 and reworked suspension.  My speed was over 140mph before my buddy had to brake and I kept accelerating.  He saw 145mph at one time keeping up and his speedo has been GPS verified.  My last time there, (without flat slides) I wasn't nearing that speed, as I would just touch the rev limiter in 5th before the 300 foot braking marker.
I have always wanted to try a "brembo" R6...but figured that I have a really good set-up now..why mess with it.

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I have heard that R1 is good. Also the RC51. I'll be trying a 99-02 R6 mc within a week or so. I haven't checked the banjo yet.

> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 07:42:24 -0700> From: guyer.hq at> Subject: More Front Master Cylinder Questions> To: sv650 at> > > Following up from an earlier thread...> > Will an late-model R1 master cylinder be cool?> And, why not a GSXR 600/1000 master cylinder?> > I've heard that the Suzuki uses a different thread/pitch banjo bolt, so if I> get a new MC, do I need to order a new banjo bolt to install it?> > > 
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