need 03 or later intake cam

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Wed Sep 17 20:59:55 PDT 2008

Well, at least another $6 for a sixxer...

5 days is fine.  Or something along those lines.  I don't need them 
instantly hope to get the motor done in a month or so.

Thanks much


On Sep 17, 2008, at 8:24 PM, Steve Robertson wrote:

> Wait a minute, if you are going to up bid the price let's wait and see
> if someone else can do better ;-)  I found it quicker than I thought
> and will fire off some pics. Paypal is fine, I will get you a total 
> once
> it ships. How fast/cheap do you want it to go?
> PS I'm holding firm on my price and won't accept a penny more.

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