For sale spam...

Mark Spiegel mspiegel at
Thu Sep 18 07:13:02 PDT 2008

I really hate to spam the list like this, but here goes...

I have an '02 SV that I raced a few years back in CCS and have used for 
track days and what not since then.  Unfortunately, I just can't get to 
the track over the last few years so I'm looking to find my little 
friend a new home.

One cold tire lowside in turn 3 at Streets on my first race weekend, 
denting the tank.  After that, always kept the dirty side down.

While it may be a bit long in the tooth, it has been a faithful, fun, 
reliable bike.  I learned more about riding and improved my skill more 
on this bike than all the other bikes I've owned combined. 

Highlights:  Racetech emulators, springs up front, Fox shock in the 
rear.  After market subframe and battery box.  It comes with some 
spares, including an extra set of rims.  (I could part with these 
separately.)  I also have sprockets for it.  There are no mechanical 
problems that I know of.  Never had the cases open. 

I'm in Southern California, West San Fernando Valley.  If anyone is 
interested, send me a mail off list.  I'll send you a list of mods and 
wheel it out for a photo or two.  I think Zoran is in the area?  If he 
is, and anyone is interested, I can take it over to have him inspect it.

I also have an 02 F4i set up for the track that I'll put on the block.  
Some Pirelli slicks and SS tires.

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