help troubleshoot no spark

Roger Gonzalez rg-sv650 at
Mon Sep 22 12:52:11 PDT 2008

matthew patton wrote:
> I have a '99 bike that I'm trying to get running but have no spark. I shorted out the clutch switch at the big Yellow connector. I shorted out the side-stand cutout switch. I put a 100 ohm (NOT kilo-ohm) in-line at the red/yel-black/yel ignition wire that runs to the ECU since I have no ignition switch. What other stupid stuff do I need to bypass for the thing to send power pulses to the coils? I put a Ohm meter across the green-white leads from the AC-rotor and it registers 3 different values as it cranks. I presume that is correct but I don't know.
> I get no voltage on the coil driving wires (continuity test is good) so what other interlock is there that I don't know about? I swapped a known good ECU in and still the same problem. The starter fires and the motor cranks fine.

Too many variables for a quick diagnosis.

Are you using a service manual wiring diagram, or magical incantations 
off the 'net?

Personally, I'd simplify the problem and disable one circuit at a time, 
rather than all at once.


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