better brakes (almost off-topic)

Ilya A. Kriveshko ilya.kriveshko at
Thu Sep 25 11:56:36 PDT 2008

I had been of the opinion that I could have adjusted my riding to any
brake setup. That is, until I tried switching back to (brand name
withheld) after running a season with Vesra pads. Innocence gone, Vesra
pads back on. :-)

Jo, wanna try an even sweeter (or at least stronger) stopping power? Try
the brakes on a Ducati 1098.

PS: The stock suspension on a 1098 was so far off for the average sized
human, that such strong brakes were a liability. I think the stock setup
would only work for someone with a lead brick in the ass, and with a hot
air balloon for the head. Touch the brakes - bottom the forks. Hit a
bump - catapult out of the seat. But no more, thanks to Peter Kates.

Jo Rhett wrote:
> A long time ago there was a conversation about having better brakes,
> and I was told that I didn't know good because I had never felt it.
> Well the '03 750 front end had better stopping power, but only
> incrementally so and certainly wasn't an eye opener.
> Last week I rode a friend's 2006 GSXR1000 and *THAT* was some better
> brakes.  I grabbed them lightly in the paddock and did a full on
> stoppie.  I was worried they might be too grabby on the track, but at
> speed they were incremental and *sweet*.  170mph down Thunderhill's
> front straight and I felt better entering turn 1 on the GSXR1000 than
> I ever did on either sv650.  My god those brakes were nice.
> The pads were Vesrah SRJL, which I have already acquired.   Is there
> anything else about the '06 brakes I might want to find?  Can I just
> swap these onto my '03 front end?  Pretty please?

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