better brakes

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Thu Sep 25 14:27:08 PDT 2008

I don't know if stock tachs are as inaccurate as a stock speedo but if you
know your rpm then this website is a lot of fun and they already have a
database of many bikes and their drive ratios

While you can't put in the exact circumference of your rear tire you can put
in it's size so I would expect the numbers should be close. At my track I 
hitting the rev limiter in 4th gear with a 180 rear tire and 16/44 
sprockets. That
works out to 120mph while my team mate on his 08 GSXR1000 was only
hitting 134mph on his datalogger.


> 100 more horsepower gets you 15mph?   That's hard to believe.
> (not saying you are wrong, just doesn't make any sense to me)

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