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Chris Burgess chris at
Thu Sep 25 17:00:06 PDT 2008

The straight is completely flat.  I have video of the track with the
straight...I do not hit the rev limiter in the video but you'll hear me roll
off just a tad.  Let me find it and post up when I get home.  Just please
don't make fun of the rest of my riding. :)


On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 4:22 PM, Steve Robertson <srobertson at>wrote:

> I used 10500 on the gearingcommander calculator and got 147mph.
> Seems awful fast for a stock SV, unless you are going down hill with a
> strong tail wind.
> My SV650 stock motor last year indicated 146mph at the end of Spokane
>> Raceways.  This is with a Michelin C front using the stock speedo pickup.
>> Gearing was 15/44 with a Michelin Power Race 160 rear tire and I was
>> sitting
>> at the rev limiter (had to roll off just a tad before turn 1 or it smack
>> the
>> rev limiter mid corner)
>> No idea how far off it is but the front tire is a bigger tire than the
>> stock
>> tire which unless I am incorrect means the speedo is going to read low
>> compared to stock.
>> Anybody have guesses on what the real speed was?

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