observations from sears

Roger Gonzalez rg-sv650 at v0.net
Thu Sep 25 18:50:39 PDT 2008

Jumping off the SV and onto the Speed Triple... whoa, this thing doesn't 
corner the same... I need to actually brake.  Long way to the ground, 
barely can touch my knee even in 6...

But I can make up for all my errors with throttle... eek but not while 
leaned over on Diablo Rossos coming out of T7!  Near high-side into huge 
tankslapper and then become a lot more sedate and pull off and clean 

Jumping off the Speed Triple and onto the SV... wtf is this bike, a 
little tractor?  It sounds so... weird!  Puttputtputt!  No power at all 
going up to 2!  But damn, can it corner, so easy....

The Speed Triple made me realize how lazy you can be on a powerful bike. 
  Gobs of power, everywhere.  Shifting optional.

The SV made me realize just how important it was to never ever fack up, 
because recovering momentum takes precious time.

Fun day.  :-)


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