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Fri Sep 26 00:21:39 PDT 2008

Hitting redline on my 2005 doesn't produce a stutter.  It's more like  
when you're gulping down a drink and you choke, your whole body  
contorts and then it kicks it back up and you start drinking again.    
I did this repeatedly exiting Release at Miller a few weeks ago, and  
your bike kindof chokes up like it has something in its throat, then  
comes back hard enough to toss the chassis around.  This was happening  
with my knee on the ground, so I was having to ride it *really loose*  
through there until I regeared it.

On Sep 25, 2008, at 7:02 PM, Steve Robertson wrote:
> Hmmm that's odd. Whether it is a fuel cut off or ignition I definitely
> getter the st,st,stutter if I rev it too high. I will have to double  
> check
> the data off my bike but I'm sure I never go over 11K, even on
> downshifts. Perhaps my Mychron is not reading rpm correctly for
> some reason???
> Steve
>> nobody knows,somewhere after 11k.
>> it is not like 1st gen where ignition cuts out.on 2nd gen fuel cuts  
>> out at some rpm.

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