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Patrick, this thread seems to have split into two sub-threads:

Original thread: Why is the speedo showing 170 at Thill? Someone already suggested that and now you restated that point :)

Vik Anderson Thu 9/25/2008 3:41 PM
Methinks the bike you were riding was re-geared and the speedo, which is
notoriously inaccurate anyway, was reading higher due to the re-gearing.

Question #2 that Jo asked was (I'll paraphrase) 'How can the GSX-R1000 be so much more powerful than SV and only go 30-40 mph faster?'

We were addressing #2 with the math.


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That's a lot of math in this thread...  Anyone think of the obvious,
which is that the speedo runs off of the countershaft sprocket and the
bike probably has lower gearing than stock?  :)

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