identify fairing stay?

Morgan Jones morgan at
Tue Aug 4 05:56:59 PDT 2009

It's already been welded once and cracked along that weld again and  
along a separate axis.  I'll send more photos if the additional crack  
but I think the writing is on the wall for this stay..

Yes, I have the ears, they're just not pictured.

GPTech doesn't seem to make a first gen fairing stay..perhaps if I  
call them.

Is my stay a GPTech?  It looks to be.


On Aug 4, 2009, at 6:46 AM, John Angelini wrote:

> Morgan, it can probably be welded if it has not been damaged too  
> badly.
> If not, GP Tech makes a very good and versatile faring stay. The  
> ears are replaceable.
> Good luck,
> John
> Morgan Jones wrote:
>> Can anyone identify the attached?  It was supporting Sharkskinz  
>> bodywork on a first gen.  It's the SV bodywork, not the GSXR..   
>> It's cracked and I'd like to replace it.
>> thanks,
>> -morgan

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