Oil pressure

Wendell Crain wendellcrain at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 08:08:48 PDT 2009

Some of you may remember, last month I was asking about an oil
pressure light following a crash I had. I did what a couple of people
suggested and it seemed as though the pump was moving the oil. It also
felt ok to turn without it being hard to turn or roughness. I drained
and replaced the oil and filter. When I started it back up, the oil
disappeared from the site window and after a few seconds the light
went out. I figured all was going to be well. I continued to repair
the other things on the bike that got broke in the tumble. On Friday I
was packing the trailer up for another round at the track. My daughter
was going to ride that SV, since she hadn't been all that comfortable
in the supersport classes. I thought a final test ride down our street
would be in order. Moved the bike out of the garage and started it
while putting on my helmet. I heard a metallic "ker-chunk" but nothing
after that. Thought it might have been the cct. Started to go up the
driveway and saw the oil pressure light on. Immediately hit the kill
switch and wheeled it back to the garage. Taking the clutch cover off
and the clutch assembly, I found that the gear in front of the oil
pump had broken off about a third of the way down. Found the piece
laying in the bottom part of the case. It had looked ok when I
examined it earlier. It did have some "striation" type discolorations,
but I did not see any chips, cracks, etc. Would this have been just
because of a weakened state from the crash? Or did I put it together
wrong somehow? It all fit together and I didn't have to force

Now I am definitely going to have to replace the gear. Should I do
anything else? I was thinking about ordering one of the gears from
Gregg Spears. What does everyone else use to replace these, if and
when they do?



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