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At the last AAMRR race at Nelson Ledges, Ohio
I was in first place in a heavy snowfall when it
was called due to weather.
I used to think I was cool for that, but I'm beginning
to suspect everybody else knew something I should've...
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> Well I don't think that I can top that, but on the day of my race 
> school many
> years ago it did snow. The instructors said that traction wasn't the 
> biggest issue
> as it was essentially the same as a wet track. Visibility, on the 
> other hand, was a
> problem. At the end of a the 1km long front straight there was a 
> fairly thick "snow
> bank" on their visors that made T1 a little more interesting.
> Fortunately the snow stopped in the afternoon so after a little extra 
> time in the classroom
> we made out to the track. I still enjoy racing on a wet track, but I 
> do like to see where
> I'm going :-)
>> I've been out in it at 5 degrees and a foot deep - on a GS750. Top 
>> THAT!
>> Randy Grein, WMRRA #141

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