bad owner: no cookie (or: starting after looong disuse)

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Sat Dec 5 12:25:52 PST 2009

Drain fuel tank. Take carbs apart and clean float bowl, pilot jet, main jet and
needle valve assembly on each carb. Make sure nothing got into the airbox
or exhaust (critters). I'd throw new plugs in it too and freshen up the fluids.

After sitting that long is there any chance that rust could have formed on
the rings to any serious extent?

> For various reasons I won't get into, I haven't started my trackbike in 
> perhaps 18 months, and didn't do anything to mothball it other than make 
> sure only pump gas was left in the system, no U4.   What should I do before 
> trying to start it again?
> Also, anybody got a Gen-I stator for cheap?

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