Voltage regulators

Jim Stewart js at strappe.com
Sun Dec 13 20:58:40 PST 2009

Ernest Montague wrote:
> I've been using GSXR regulators for a couple years now, to replace the 
> SV regulator.  They are fairly easy to convert and heavier duty than the 
> stock SV POS which usually only puts out 13.8 volts or so after a few 
> years.
> And I can fit one in the fender space.
> Ernie

I converted to a GSXR regulator too. My stock reg was always borderline, 
even new. Not this one.

It can be mounted in the original location, even if you want to keep the 
side cover.

Original: http://www.strappe.com/pics/sv650/sv_reg1.jpg

Adapter plate: http://www.strappe.com/pics/sv650/sv_reg2.jpg

GSXR reg: http://www.strappe.com/pics/sv650/sv_reg3.jpg

You have to trim the fins to clear the side cover: 


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