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Thu Dec 17 20:25:05 PST 2009

You don't hear it in race, who the hell listens to chain :)
Check frame under chain and see if it hits there. It will make noise when 
slack is big.


Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory

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> On Dec 4, 2009, at 1:11 PM, zoran wrote:
>> you sure it is not chain?
> Checked chain.  It's about 2.25in of slack, which compresses to 1.5in  of 
> slack when I'm on the bike.   It's a bit looser than normal for the 
> street -- same slack as I use on my race bikes.   Rotors seem good,  chain 
> still good and lubed.
> Is it possible that at low-speed acceleration the chain is bouncing 
> around in a way it wouldn't on the race bikes?
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