Copper gaskets

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Wed Feb 4 07:47:45 PST 2009

I certainly have heard of people doing this (permatex). I wonder what
is the most important variable to take into consideration, perfectly flat 
mating surfaces or max pressure? What about getting "blown out" by
crankcase pressure?

> The problem with copper is that it does not spring quite as much as a 
> steel ridged gasket.  So you can get leakage at the pressure areas of 
> oil and water passage. IIRC the oil passage is after the oil jet so is 
> probably pretty low pressure, but the water passage will be 10-15 psi.  
>  I still want to build a motor using permatex gasket flange maker as a 
> base gasket and see if it works.

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