repair freeze plugs?

Patrick Mullen pmullen.lists at
Mon Feb 9 12:00:32 PST 2009

[snip question about removing popped plugs and magnetism]

I think the stock plugs are brass, as well.  The trick is to realize
they popped before they go anywhere.  One of the ones I popped (I
popped a few) ended up falling down and swirling around and ended up
behind the clutch basket, I believe.  All I can really remember about
the ordeal was a lot of stress and a lot of slowly turning the motor
by hand.

FWIW, I did what I could to spread the flange on the plugs that came
out then sealed them in with some sort of sealant.  Toyota 100 bond?
It's hardly a strong testimony, but since the "fix" I put on a pretty
full season with no problems.

2003 Triumph Sprint ST
2004 (race) / 2001 (street) Suzuki SV650
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