replacement fuel petcocks and float height?

matthew patton pattonme at
Sat Feb 14 10:35:37 PST 2009

when setting float height to say 7mm (is that what you guys use?) I set it with the carb slightly tipped and the float tang just resting on the springy plunger that's on the needle. That's always the way I've done it in the past but for whatever reason the needle valve (on the front carb at least) is not capable of countering the atmospheric pressure of the gas in the tank. So since my fuel setup lacks both vacuum actuated cutoff's, my gas eventually ends up in the crank case.

I used to use a Pingel on my GS500 race bike. But the SV's layout doesn't look particularly conducive to that route. Is there a compatible model?

So I'm planning to use a manual shutoff petcock (McMaster Carr #4503K23). Any other recommendations?


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