Cam Chain tensioner 07

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Sun Feb 15 07:40:32 PST 2009

Can't comment on the wear, but my 03 has oil jets on the
cam tensioners. Guessing it was one of the many small changes
on all Gen2s. By all the way out, do you mean that the chains 
were very stretched and the tensioners were taking up the max
amount of slack possible or the other way around?

>I just adjusted the valves on an 07 ( and noticed the CCT is yet 
> another design and now has an oil jet).  Anyway, the bike has 15k miles 
> on it and both CCT's were all the way out to the end of their travel. 
> Cam lobes had a bit of wear pattern not usually seen on low mileage 
> bikes.   Anyone heard anything about this happening on 07s?
> Ernie

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