Cam Chain tensioner 07

Steve Robertson srobertson at
Sun Feb 15 08:03:33 PST 2009

- shitty oil?
- low oil?
- lots of wheelies?

When I took the PAIR system off a Gen2 motor but forgot to
plug the air passage in the head (goes to the exhaust port) I discoverd
just how much oil goes into the heads. While on the dyno the amount
of smoke was horrific and it lost nearly a litre in about 1/2hr.

> Nemmind, I just figured it out. Duh.  They went to full position when I 
> pulled them out. doh.
> I still wonder why the cam lobes were shiny, I have pulled a dozen cams 
> that did not have a  line of wear at the tip.
> Ernie

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