selling a SV 650

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Mon Feb 23 08:05:10 PST 2009

I sold my '99 SV650 SuperSport bike with Penske Rear Shock, Race-Tech
Emulators with .90 springs, Scott Steering Damper, F3 rear wheel
conversion with extra wheels/sprockets, 520 chain conversion, BMC race
air filter with carbs re-jetted, M4 Exhaust, Woodcraft clip-ons &
rear-sets with 4 used take-off tires and 3 new DOT tires spare SV front
wheel, 2 sets of spare front brake rotors and Pit-Bull rear stand for
$3,000.00 last May.

$2500 still seems like a fair asking price. You can always drop the
price if there isn't any activity, but not raise it, once you list it
for sale...

Bob Poetzsch
LRRS/NE CCS Expert# 14
AHRMA# 110/USGPRU# 141
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hello all,

i know there are better lists/forums to ask this question, but since my
2000 SV has been mainly used for track days and has some track day
damage, I was wondering what members of this forum have been able to
sell their used SVs for.

basically, can a track day/street bike in good condition get $2500, or
is $2000 more reasonable in today's economic climate?

bike is basically stock w/rearsets and clipons, front fork work but
stock rear shock plus a little front fairing. It still has the
headlight/taillight and signals on it. 

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