Pledge drive, re-send w/o personal note to Carl!

Randy Grein randygrein at
Wed Jan 21 22:29:19 PST 2009

OK everyone, Carl does this once a year. He doesn't charge us, but  
consider that he does provide us a solid, spam-free service (unlike  
Yahoo or Google). Dust out your wallet if you feel motivated...

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
Micapeak SV list admin

On Jan 21, 2009, at 8:48 AM, H Marc Lewis wrote:

> Once each year I solicit contributions for the upkeep of
> (which powers this mailing list, assorted Web sites and other  
> services).
> It's that time!
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Contributions (in US dollars) can be made in two ways.
> The less-desirable method is to send your check to:
>    H M Lewis (
>    PO Box 14755
>    Spokane, WA 99214
>    USA
> The PREFERRED WAY is to use PayPal (
> to make your donation directly to: marcl at
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> That's the request.  Now, if you're still with me, I'll be a little  
> bit
> more verbose, and tell you why Carl and I would very much appreciate  
> your
> contribution.
> In January, 2008 we moved,,,
>, and all our 80-odd motorcycle mailing lists to a very
> high-tech, state-of-the-art regional data center in Liberty Lake,  
> WA, USA.
> Although they erroneously billed us for $1700 worth of excess  
> bandwidth
> during the year, we got that straightened out a few weeks ago and it  
> looks
> like we will keep them as our hosting site.  Regarding system  
> availability
> and up-time they were excellent!
> As for the cost -- I used to say that in spite of not having (or  
> wanting!)
> a day job, I could still cover the expenses completely out of my own  
> pocket
> if necessary.  Due to my retirement savings declining in value by  
> 50% last
> year, that's no longer true if I want to maintain and ride my  
> motorcycles.
> Which I very much want to do!  :-)
> Fortunately, Carl and I know that some of the folks for whom this  
> mailing
> list is an important part of daily life are willing to show their
> appreciation with a modest donation.  We encourage you to think  
> about how
> much time you spend each day following this list, or using  
> micapeak's other
> resources. If it seems worthwhile to you, then please consider  
> contributing
> something.
> Carl and I will continue to operate the mailing lists,  
> and
> other Websites for the foreseeable future (we even have sections in  
> our
> wills to make sure the online stuff survives us).  There is no
> obligation to contribute anything on your part and you'll continue to
> get the email and Webpages we serve for free.  But we'd appreciate  
> it if
> you'd help out...
> Thanks in advance!
> --hmarc
> Let's not make this a topic of discussion on the mailing list, OK?
> Contribute or don't, as it suits you, but we have neither the time nor
> the energy to discuss the subject further than what you see above.
> And we're sure your fellow subscribers would rather not have the list
> itself cluttered with more than this notice on the subject.
> Thanks!
> (BTW -- I'll post this message just once more in about two weeks).

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