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Aaron Turner synfinatic at
Tue Jan 27 02:48:22 PST 2009

Assuming I can actually sell our townhouse, I'll be racing 650P in AFM
this year.  Picked up a well cared for 1Gen race prepped bike, but
there's a few things I do want to take care of first:

1.  The chain needs to be replaced.  Currently is a 525, figured might
as well switch to a 520 since I didn't get any extra sprockets in the
deal.  15 front, and what rear?  I won't be making bwillow this year,
so just need rears for Thill & Sears.  AFAM sprockets?  Is a DID 520VM
good enough for a stock motor or go w/ the heavier 520ERV3?

2.  Forks have .95 springs (I'm 180lbs so that sounds about right),
but no emulators.  Previous owner didn't seem to know anything beyond
that so I figured now would be a good time to change the oil.  Reading
the archives it sounds like 20wt oil is a good starting point?  Just
put in what I take out or do people have suggestions on how much
should be in there?

3.  Are people using the OEM oil filter or ????

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