Strange clutch problem

Jim Stewart js at
Wed Jul 1 21:42:19 PDT 2009

KC Gager wrote:
> Look at the clutch hub washer just under the clutch hub. I think u might
> find that it's welded to the trany input shaft and the clutch hub.
> The cause for us was to light of oil. 

Thanks, KC. I'll have a close look at it.

But: welded should still be welded, no?

This happened exactly once, and since I broke it free the demon has been vanquished.

Oddly, this happened even though I didn't light candles.

Perhaps Humpty Dumpty (Alice in Wonderland) was right:

"The question is, which is to be the master, that's all."

(Now I've set myself up for a real karma storm. I guess. Report at eleven.)


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