Head and barrel swap

Steve Robertson srobertson at ssimicro.com
Thu Jul 2 08:56:39 PDT 2009

I've never done it with the motor in the frame. I would try putting
the pistons/rings in the cylinders before installing the cylinders, but
those second circlips might be tough.

Suppose it all depends on your skills. I'm a shitty mechanic but I can
remove a SV motor in 1.5-2hrs by myself and the same to reinstall. So
I would rip the motor out and work on the bench if it was me. For a Gen2
the only "special" tools I had to get was a 19mm and 23mm socket.

> My race bike desperately needs a top end .   How hard is it to replace 
> barrels and heads on the bike? Easier to just pull the motor?

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