Head and barrel swap

Steve Robertson srobertson at ssimicro.com
Thu Jul 2 17:00:27 PDT 2009

I found a non-modified 23mm did the trick for me. Good to know
that it isn't too difficult while in frame.

>>> My race bike desperately needs a top end .   How hard is it to replace
>>> barrels and heads on the bike? Easier to just pull the motor?
> I did jugs and top end on my second gen in the frame.
> I needed to severely modify a (22??)mm socket for the funky bolt
> through the side of the frame for setting the tension between the
> cylinder and the frame.  This may or may not have been necessary.
> Working in the second gen frame is a dream.  It doesn't have the
> crossbar through the middle; it really is a gaping hole with the
> cylinders removed.
> ~Patrick
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