[SV650] Greetings and questions

Randy Grein randygrein at comcast.net
Sun Jul 5 11:49:05 PDT 2009

Welcome to the list John!
Last problem first - IIRC the piece you refer to is steel and can be  
bent back, although it's more likely that the stand itself bent.  
Bending it back while on the frame might not be a good idea; I'd at  
least TRY a press, or if that's not available a solid vice and  
engineers hammer.

The wobblies - quite a few things could result in the symptoms you  
describe, so check but don't stop at wheel alignment. Get the rear on  
a stand, point the front wheel straight and from behind sight down  
each side of the rear wheel at the bottom so that you can just see the  
edge of the front. Note how much of the rear wheel sidewall is showing  
and then check the other side; if it's aligned correctly both sides  
will show the same amount of sidewall. More likely is the tire is worn  
and misshaped. Look at it from behind; is there a pronounced flat spot  
on one side or the other? More serious is crash damage with the forks  
and triple clamps being likely culprits. Sorting that out might be  
beyond your comfort level; if a close inspection turns up nothing you  
might want to take it in to an expert - a frame shop is best, although  
a good bike shop should be able to determine if something is crooked.

Carb cleaning - never been a fan of the chemical methods, but that's  
lack of experience. I hear quite a few people who have tried it  
without success, but it could be the successful ones don't write in.  
However the symptoms you describe don't fit an idle circuit problem.  
If it's carburetor it's the main jet that's clogged, but there are a  
lot of other things that could cause this. Is it running on both  
cylinders? How does it idle, just barely or not at all - or just fine?  
Is compression good? Any weird sounds coming from the motor? Let us  

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Jul 4, 2009, at 2:16 PM, John T wrote:

> Hi all, Greetings from Raleigh, N.C.
> I just signed up for the list, and have always found mailing list on  
> my favorite vehicles quite helpful communities.
> I've been riding for a while, but have wanted an SV for around 5  
> years, and after selling my last bike, just picked a 2000 SV up last  
> night.
> It has a couple of issues I wanted to ask about....
> The bike had been sitting for a while before I got it. I'm starting  
> with a carb cleaning, and I have removed the carbs, I'm planning on  
> running some B12 chemtool through it, and some other carb cleaner,  
> and maybe letting that sit overnight, and then pouring it out. I've  
> cleaned out the float bowls, and sprayed through the passages, but I  
> didn't really want to take out the caps to remove the idle screws,  
> or pilot screws, whichever ones are in the caps, to dip in a chem  
> bucket. I figured I would go with this, and if I still have an  
> issue, I'll go back and end up tearing them down entirely, or either  
> have a shop do it. I really don't want to mess with the stock  
> settings.
> The symptoms of the problem it is having... mostly is that it won't  
> rev past 6,000 RPM. And it's very low on power, and lacking some  
> throttle response.
> Next. I believe the rear wheel is out of alignment. It starts to  
> feel more unstable, and leany if that makes any sense, the higher  
> speed you go. Almost wobbly, but not quite. The indicators on the  
> swingarm are off by  bit, so I figured this may be the issue. And or  
> an issue with the back brake.
> Next, the mounting piece, otherwise known as #6 on most catolouge  
> diagrams for the kickstand, does that bend out a little bit? I  
> stupidly left the kickstand down on the 3 hour drive home, when we  
> had strapped it to the trailer, and It bent the kickstand down  
> pretty far. My options for this are replace, or bend the old one  
> back right? I can't figure if the kickstand itself bent, or that  
> mounting piece, anyone know if the mounting piece bends out a little  
> already? Anyone ever made the same mistake and had any luck with a  
> way of bending?
> Thanks in advance,
> --John

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