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Wendell Crain wendell_crain at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 5 19:43:41 PDT 2009

Hi everyone!

A couple weeks ago, I had a pretty good get-off during a race. I got thrown and the bike flipped. It ended up on it's side and I have an AC separation of the shoulder. Today I was going through the bike to find out what ended up broke. The radiator mount broke from the body - I should be able to put some JB Weld on to fix that. I bent bolt where the frame slider goes in. I got the bolt out without incident, so just need a new bolt. Need to get parts for the left rear set. The big issue came after starting the bike. I checked the radiator and the water was clean. Then opened the oil drain and the oil was the normal color. Looking at the site window, it is in the normal range of where I fill. I flipped the on switch and pressed the starter. It took a few tries. I guess the bowls had drained out when it was laying on it's side afterwards. It finally started and started to warm up. But the big part was the oil pressure light that I have wired to an LED on the panel wouldn't go out. I shut the bike off. Then disconnected the battery and hooked everything back up again. Still the LED wouldn't go out. The switch at the bottom of the engine looks OK. Looking at the site window, before when the bike was running, the oil would disappear. This time the level dropped a bit, but didn't leave the window.

I was reading in the manual that the first thing is to check the loop from the switch to the light. Then after that to hook an oil pressure guage up to an oil gallery under the engine. Is there an automotive guage I can find that will do this? Or do I need to purchase a Suzuki special tool? The other question would be, is there anything else I should be looking at? I was thinking I should just drain the oil in it and put in some fresh. Maybe the filter as well? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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