[SV650] Greetings and questions

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The water froze....

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What would cause the freeze plug to go? 


From: "Randy Grein" <randygrein at comcast.net>
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> Assuming it's a head gasket. Could just be the freeze plugs. A few  
> years ago I stupidly forgot that my streetbike was a track bike  
> conversion and hadn't added antifreeze. Pop the valve cover gaskets  
> and check; the plugs are right under there.
> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
> On Jul 5, 2009, at 9:24 PM, John Treadwell wrote:
>> Bigger problem I just noticed. The oil looks like a milkshake. And  
>> My coolant is down 1/4th of the way in the radiator, as yesterday...  
>> it was almost full.
>> Blown headgasket.
>> Does anyone have any idea how much it typically cost to get one  
>> replaced? I figure it can't be too hard to do on this, if it's the  
>> rear cylinder. If it's the front it will be harder. I won't be able  
>> to work on it and get the compression test results until Wednesday  
>> now, as some things came up. But I'm wondering if I could get a good  
>> deal on getting a majority of these things fixed... like the  
>> headgasket, some oil leaks... chain and sprokets and tires.... I'm  
>> imagining the price list for the parts will be something like this...
>> Sprockets front and back - 60
>> Chain - 60
>> Headgasket - 50
>> Seals - 20
>> Tires - 260-300 installed from a stealership
>> (Does anyone know If you can get better deals on tires online?)
>> Anyone have any idea what labor might cost me on these things If I  
>> have someone else do it?
>> Looking at the diagrams, it doesent look too difficult to pull the  
>> heads, and I probably need to for valve adjustments anyway, But I  
>> just wonder if it would be more worth my time to let someone else do  
>> the work instead. But It might cost far too much and I need to do it  
>> myself. lol
>> Looks like the carbs are at least less of a worry than before.
>> Thanks again,
>> --John
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>> From: "Randy Grein" <randygrein at comcast.net>
>> Sent: Sunday, July 05, 2009 9:38 PM
>> To: "Suzuki SV650 Mailing List" <sv650 at micapeak.com>
>> Subject: Re: [SV650] Greetings and questions
>>> Sounds like you still have crud in the gas. If it was sitting that   
>>> long you may need to drain the float bowels a few times if any  
>>> water  is collecting. Also check the air filter & make sure  
>>> something isn't  nesting there. The right side cover, if it's from  
>>> the outer cover is  an o ring; if the last owner pinched it it will  
>>> leak like anything. If  you try to replace it clean the groove of  
>>> oil & put a bit of grease in  it - sticky wheel grease is good - to  
>>> hold the o ring in place while  installing. You might as well drain  
>>> the oil at the same time; that way  you can replace the washer  
>>> under the drain plug. I'm guilty as anyone  of not replacing it,  
>>> but they don't reuse well.
>>> The loud clicking sounds bad - broken wheel bearing maybe? Grab  
>>> the  wheel & back end and push/pull it hard sideways; if you can  
>>> feel any  slop don't ride it - at all! A loose chain has nothing to  
>>> do with the  general lack of torque, that's still your carburation  
>>> problem. At  least it idles but the choke (really it's an  
>>> enrichener circuit, not  choke) cable needs to be cleaned. You can  
>>> still find a cable lube kit  at some bike shops, the heart of the  
>>> system is a blue anodized fixture  with a twist knob to clamp  
>>> around a cable end. A hole in the rubber  accepts the spray nozzle  
>>> of a lubricant can like WD-40 and is great  for cleaning and lubing  
>>> cables. You will have to disassemble the left  handlebar switch,  
>>> but it's not a big deal.
>>> Good luck...
>>> Randy Grein, WMRRA #41
>>> On Jul 5, 2009, at 5:36 PM, John Treadwell wrote:
>>>> Well, I got the gas in it, and the carbs cleaned, and it runs a  
>>>> bit better. It will rev past 5/6k now, but sometimes it gets a  
>>>> little hesitation as it's approaching it. I suppose the gas needs  
>>>> to run through it a bit, but I've got an oil leak from the right  
>>>> side of  the bike, around the larger engine cover over there....  
>>>> Possibly at  one of the plugs on the bottom as well. I'd like to  
>>>> fix those, as  theres quite a bit of oil leaking. I'm going to do  
>>>> a quick wheel  alignment, and chain tension, as my brakes on the  
>>>> back seem to  engage too early, And I'm getting a loud clicking  
>>>> from the back as I  take off. Also, the bike doesent seem to want  
>>>> to have enough torque  to take off from the lower rev range, I've  
>>>> gotta feather the clutch,  and rev it up too long I think, But I'm  
>>>> thinking that could just be  really loose chain tension.
>>>> The front tire looks cupped from what I can tell. I need to check   
>>>> air pressures. I torched and hammered out the kickstand itself a   
>>>> little bit, and now I'm thinking about bending the mounting piece  
>>>> a  bit, or continuing to whack on the kick stand itself.... the  
>>>> bike  will lean now... but it's still leaning a little too much  
>>>> for my  comfort. So I'm gonna go throw that bracket in my vice,  
>>>> and see if I  can bend it out a little.
>>>> Also... the bike will idle however I want it to now... The choke   
>>>> works now.. it didn't when I got it. The choke is a little...  
>>>> hard  to pull though. I am going to check plugs and compression  
>>>> here in a  few minutes as well. I'll report back with those  
>>>> findings as well.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> --John
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