Oil pressure

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They do have a plastic gear and they do break. Spears makes a steel 
one. I have never broken one but that sounds like it could be a 

On Jul 6, 2009, at 7:18 AM, KC Gager wrote:

> Didn't these thing have a plastic oil pump drive gear and they where a
> problem? Z you out there. Z would know he knows everything.
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> If the oil is not sucked away from  the sight window you have a
> problem.  Sounds like the oil pump is bad.
> On Jul 5, 2009, at 7:43 PM, Wendell Crain wrote:
>> Hi everyone!
>> A couple weeks ago, I had a pretty good get-off during a race. I got
>> thrown and the bike flipped. It ended up on it's side and I have an AC
>> separation of the shoulder. Today I was going through the bike to find
>> out what ended up broke. The radiator mount broke from the body - I
>> should be able to put some JB Weld on to fix that. I bent bolt where
>> the frame slider goes in. I got the bolt out without incident, so just
>> need a new bolt. Need to get parts for the left rear set. The big
>> issue came after starting the bike. I checked the radiator and the
>> water was clean. Then opened the oil drain and the oil was the normal
>> color. Looking at the site window, it is in the normal range of where
>> I fill. I flipped the on switch and pressed the starter. It took a few
>> tries. I guess the bowls had drained out when it was laying on it's
>> side afterwards. It finally started and started to warm up. But the
>> big part was the oil pressure light that I have wired to an LED on the
>> panel wouldn't go out. I shut the bike off. Then disconnected the
>> battery and hooked everything back up again. Still the LED wouldn't go
>> out. The switch at the bottom of the engine looks OK. Looking at the
>> site window, before when the bike was running, the oil would
>> disappear. This time the level dropped a bit, but didn't leave the
>> window.
>> I was reading in the manual that the first thing is to check the loop
>> from the switch to the light. Then after that to hook an oil pressure
>> guage up to an oil gallery under the engine. Is there an automotive
>> guage I can find that will do this? Or do I need to purchase a Suzuki
>> special tool? The other question would be, is there anything else I
>> should be looking at? I was thinking I should just drain the oil in it
>> and put in some fresh. Maybe the filter as well? Any suggestions would
>> be appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> Wendell
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