Clutch problems

srobertson at srobertson at
Mon Jul 13 20:48:04 PDT 2009


	I tried a slipper clutch for the first time this past race weekend.
During practice on Saturday I started getting a lot of slippage under
acceleration so I pulled the clutch apart and sure enough it wasn't
getting enough oil and was smoking hot. I tried to modify the push rod
with a dremel but I guess I didn't take off enough as the plates still
weren't getting enough oil. 

	So I reinstalled the stock clutch with a good set of fiber and steel
plates. All seemed well on race day but by the end of the day all of
the free play in the lever was gone and I was getting a very small
amount of slippage. I checked the adjuster that is behind the
countershaft sprocket cover and sure enough it was too tight. Now
everything is adjusted properly and the feel at the lever is good,
but..................the clutch no worky. If I start the motor and put
it into 1st gear the rear wheel is pretty much getting full power (not
just lightly spinning due to a little clutch drag or thick oil) 

	Obviously I need to pull the cover and look at the plates but is
there anything in particular I should be looking for or measuring? 


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