SV running poorly

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Thu Jun 11 15:20:46 PDT 2009

clean pilot jets.


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> My 01 SV sat for seven months without running.
> The battery was dead, so I roll started it. It ran awfully at first
> and would not stay running without the choke, even when giving it
> throttle. It was backfiring all over the place and the exhaust was
> making gurgling sounds, hard to describe but like excess vibration in
> there or something. So I kept the choke on and ran it up and down the
> block a couple times. It started getting a little better. Still wants
> to stall without the choke, but not immediately, and at least now the
> battery is charged so I can restart it. I needed to load it so I
> didn't continue to run it to see how much better it would get.
> What is the diagnosis? Could this just be old fuel? Or is this clogged
> up jets? Is there anything I can do short of taking the carbs off
> (such as additives), or will it work itself out as I run it for a
> while?
> Thanks,
> Erik

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