SV running poorly

Thumper Ray thumperracer at
Thu Jun 11 16:01:57 PDT 2009

It ran awfully at first
and would not stay running without the choke, even when giving it
throttle. It was backfiring all over the place and the exhaust was
making gurgling sounds, hard to describe but like excess vibration in
there or something. So I kept the choke on and ran it up and down the
block a couple times. It started getting a little better. Still wants
to stall without the choke, but not immediately, and at least now the
battery is charged so I can restart it.

Mine sat for two months while I was in Tallahassee milking the overtime cow.  Exact same symptoms.  I put in some new gas and it's okay now.  Yours sat longer, so it may just need good gas or it may need a carb cleaning.  Before you pull the carbs, if new gas alone does not work, get a can of Techron at the auto parts store and use some (not the whole can, that treats about ten gallons or more; prorate down to about a quarter or fifth can at a time)


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