Andy Preston andy at
Sun Jun 21 19:34:47 PDT 2009

Jake Meyer wrote:
> Street question:
> I rode over a screw apparently.  I was thinking motorcycle tires aren't
> quite the same as car tires and I probably shouldn't just go ahead and plug
> it up.  Since I'm still a n00b, I figured I would just get some advice.  Am
> I correct in thinking that the tire is thinner (?) than a car tire, and
> therefore (among other reasons such as smaller contact patch area) more
> necessary to be replaced soon (or perhaps right away)?  I have been around
> for a few street tire discussions on this mailing list - so that question is
> already covered.  Thanks in advance, guys.
> Jake
A front tire I personally would never patch. I rode > 6K with a patch in 
my rear tire, a screw went in on the freeway and it kicked my off my 
seat. I've just used the "monkey XXX" brand plug from car parts stores. 
If it's gone through the sidewall forget it. I think I've done this a 
couple of times, either time, towards the end of the tires life it's 
started to loose about 5lbs per week ( > 300 miles), but otherwise, it's 
saved me around 7K miles of tire life. I've also ridden over 80 freeway 
miles with a small screw in my rear. It slowly lost pressure due to 
carcass movement, but provided it's short enough to not keep hitting the 
rim, it's no different than any other screw and won't go anywhere. I 
personally wouldn't go to the effort of plug and patch, once you have 
the tire off to patch, then why not just replace the tire.


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