Where did I screw up?

Poetzsch,Robert E. poetzsch at uchc.edu
Wed Mar 11 05:17:53 PDT 2009

I think you meant your bike weighs 380# (188# front + 192# rear).

FWIF, my "stripped down" '99 SV650 SuperBike got down to about 340# with
a splash of gas and single front brake rotor using Marchesini magnesium
front wheel & Dymag magnesium rear wheel.

I know it's possible to get it lighter than that, but don't think below
320# is realistic.

Bob Poetzsch
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Occasionally these bikes even run :-)
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I have a 200 track bike with a stock sub frame, sharkskin body work, 
and most unnecessary parts removed and it weighs 280 lbs with a full 
tank of gas.
188 lbs on the front and 192 lbs on the rear.

So I could see a bike weighing 260 lbs with more lightweight 
components and no fuel in the tank.

I agree about the sag. Just measure it.


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>Don't calculate sag, measure it.  Unless you love doing math.
>You sure about that 360 pounds? My race bike with alu subframe and
>light bodywork is 380.

Doug Pippin


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