Inner clutch cover

Wendell Crain wendell_crain at
Sat Mar 14 13:30:25 PDT 2009

Hi All!

I have a first gen that I am in the process of swapping the shift star, spring, and arm for a better version. Going through the outer clutch cover was fine (apparently have small enough hands). Two things have come up. The first is apparently there was a washer behind the arm that I didn't realize, nor feel and it fell to the bottom somewhere and I have torn the inside portion of the gasket material. I wouldn't have thought that to be an issue, but I now see a little antifreeze inside the bottom of the case. It wasn't there before I started. I cannot see the washer and the magnet isn't picking it up. I figured I needed to pull the inner clutch cover to find the missing washer and replace the gasket. I have tapped on the outside of the case with a plastic ended hammer, pulled and tugged. I cannot seem to get the cover to come off. On my GSX-R, it came off after the appropriate amount of force. Not so on the SV. Any suggestions on how to get this cover off? Thanks!


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