good alternatives to Vesrah pads?

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Thu Mar 19 10:58:45 PDT 2009

Apparently Vesrah really doesn't want my business.  Or Alex Florea  
really doesn't want me to have the pads.  Or both.

I've been trying to buy Vesrah pads since September of last year, back  
when I first tried them out on the GSXR1000.  No product, no product,  
no product until finally January this year, and guess what -- wrong  
pads.  I asked for VD-344SRJL which fits GSXR750 00-03.  I received  
VD-349SRJL which fits GSXR750 96-99.

After 3 more months I finally get a replacement order.  With the same  
wrong pads.  Again with the 349 pads.

Okay, so awesome pads but apparently you have to be in the "cool club"  
to get a set of them, and I'm not in the cool club.

Are there any pads out there which are comparable to Vesrah, where I  
can place an order and get a pair in a reasonable time frame?

I'm missing the opening AFM round at Buttonwillow because of this  
drama.  And thank you if you want to offer me a pair of pads to get me  
through the weekend, but I got so annoyed by the situation last  
Thursday I completely forgot to do the signup so it's too late now.

Jo Rhett /  velociRaptor Racing
#553 WERA / AFM

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